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Security of the Facility

Security of the Facility


Solutions tailored to fit the clients’ needs


We take a proactive approach to tailor our services and solutions to fit the type of activity and needs of the client.


We provide security for our clients through:






  • Human resources (security officers, ready-to-deploy teams, service managers).
  • Security tech systems (alarm systems, panic notification, CCTV, Active Guard, etc.).
  • Integrated communication network (GPRS, Radio, Internet, PSTN, GSM, GPS, etc.).
  • Advanced technology and highly-qualified staff for first aid (rapid intervention), fire protection.
  • Coordination and cooperation with the state police pursuant to the relevant legal framework.



Boulevard "Gjergj Fishta" Infront of Diplomat 2. Tirana
Tel: +35544504686
Mobile: 0684029101, 0684029109


About us

"Firdaus Security" Sh.P.S.F serves its wide range of customers in the variety of their needs for safety. Our protective services, developed together with our customers, are designed to incorporate a high level of technology. The close cooperation with our customers, enables us to meet specific requirements at a competitive price.

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